Score Strike

Score Strike

#UE4jam Mega Jam

"Settle the score. "

Shoot! Kill! Slow down time! Dismember your enemies!




First Person Shooter arena with slow-mo!
Survive for as long as you can. Kill enemies to gain more time.

WASD and mouse to move. LMB to shoot, RMB to slow down time.
Space to jump, Shift to dodge. F to drop weapon.
ESC to pause, and for audio settings.

This wasn't my first idea for this jam and I wasted more than a day on something else that I ultimately decided to scrap.
I run out of time to properly balance the game so its not as good in long term as it should have been.



-Music by Rhapshody Productions. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.
-Animations are sourced (with some modifications) from Animation Starter Pack and Third Person Template.
-Sound effects were created using
-EPIC Leaderboard plugin from
-Icons (music,volume,twitter) come from
-Font from


Have fun!