The Temple

The Temple 2018 Spring #UE4jam “Transformation”   Download now! Controls: WASD – Move Mouse – Aim Left Mouse Button – Hold to charge attacks. Release to throw. You can throw existing rocks by dragging from them, or spawn new one when there are no rock nearby. Right Mouse Button – Moves existing rocks and spawns […]

The Potato Nightmare

The Potato Nightmare 2017 MEGA JAM #UE4jam “However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light” Your farm is in danger. Can you protect it?     Download now! Forum post Controls: W/A/S/D – Move Camera MMB – Rotate Tower Del – Sell Tower RMB – Cancels current action Description: For the potatoes! Defend […]

The Potato Problem

The Potato Problem Summer 2017 #UE4jam “Blessing in disguise” Disaster is about to happen. Only you can prevent it. Sometimes however there are no perfect solutions.     Download now! Forum post Controls: F1 for help WASD to move Use mouse to interact Description: Ever heard of the trolley problem? Well you’ve potatoes to save […]

Angry Angry Dad

Angry Angry Dad Spring 2017 #UE4jam “Spring into action!” You are a dad. All you want is just to have a beer and watch a game. There are however more pressing matters to attend to. Spring into action and do your chores as fast as you can. Maybe you can still make it.     […]

Score Strike

Shoot! Kill! Slow down time! Dismember your enemies!

Golden Lens Tutorial

Tutorial that explains how to recreate a lens from my recent game – Golden Lens.

Golden Lens

My newest #UE4jam game is out, and it is awesome!