Red & White

Red & White 2019 Winter #UE4jam “All is Fair in Love and War”  

The Temple

The Temple 2018 Spring #UE4jam “Transformation”  

The Potato Nightmare

The Potato Nightmare 2017 MEGA JAM #UE4jam “However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light” Your farm is in danger. Can you protect it?    

The Potato Problem

The Potato ProblemSummer 2017 #UE4jam”Blessing in disguise”Disaster is about to happen. Only you can prevent it. Sometimes however there are no perfect solutions.   

Angry Angry Dad

Angry Angry DadSpring 2017 #UE4jam”Spring into action!”You are a dad. All you want is just to have a beer and watch a game. There are however more pressing matters to attend to. Spring into action and do your chores as fast as you can. Maybe you can still make it.  

Score Strike

Shoot! Kill! Slow down time! Dismember your enemies!