Golden Lens

Golden Lens

August 2016 #UE4jam WINNER!

"Things are not always as they appear"

My newest game, and one that I'm really proud of.
You assume a role of a journalist invited to the lab of a famous scientist.
It's a first person puzzle game about lasers and special object that do not reveal their properties until you look at them through a mysterious lens.




WASD to move
Mouse to look around
Space to jump
R to restart a level
M to show sound options


I'm actually surprised by how good this game turned out to be. Not objectively good, of course, but compared to my other projects.
Main mechanic was surprisingly easy to create and I was left with a lot of time to design the levels and assets. This is however where the problems started.
I think it would be accurate to say that level design took around 80% (if not more) of all time that it took me to make this game.
Turns out, designing logic puzzles is much harder than solving them. This of course depends on a type of game, but here you can't just design a solution and than scramble elements for players to figure out their way through. Many times I encountered situations where escaping the room was possible faster than I intended.



Music created by teknoaxe :
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
Gentle Embrace -
My Little Medley -
Baby Steps in Reaper -

Sound effects come from, all under Creative Commons 0 License.

Font used in game comes from Google Fonts:


Have fun!