The Temple

The Temple

2018 Spring #UE4jam




WASD - Move
Mouse - Aim
Left Mouse Button - Hold to charge attacks. Release to throw.
You can throw existing rocks by dragging from them, or spawn new one when there are no rock nearby.
Right Mouse Button - Moves existing rocks and spawns new ones.
Shift - Quick shield block.
Space - Dodge.


Lonely traveler reaches the ancient temple of the earth and discovers that it has been corrupted by unknown force.
Will the magic he wields be enough to defeat them?

Game created by a single developer, for the UE4 Spring Jam.

Third party content:

-Animations from Movement Animset Pro, Fighting Animset Pro and Sword & Shield Animset Pro by Kubold
-Meshes from POLYGON Adventure Pack and Simple Temples by Synty Studios
-Particle effects based on Luos's For Elements and Luos's Particle Toolkit Vol. 1 by Luos
-Sound effects from Soundly -Font: Permanent Marker by Font Diner

Have fun!